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Beautiful Cookware For Your Kitchen

Crofton offers elegantly designed and durable cookware to equip your kitchen. Our pans and pots feature stainless steel and ceramic construction for even heating and easy cleaning.

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Quality Cookware Designed for Performance and Convenience

Superior Construction

Crofton cookware is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance. The aluminum core conducts heat quickly and evenly to prevent hot spots while the stainless steel exterior resists warping. Sturdy riveted handles stay cool on the stovetop.

Even Heating

The aluminum core in Crofton cookware distributes heat quickly and evenly across the entire pan surface. This prevents scorching and allows you to cook at lower temp settings, saving energy. Food cooks perfectly without burning or sticking.

Versatile & Oven Safe

Crofton cookware transitions seamlessly from stovetop to oven up to 500°F. Fry, sauté, bake or broil – Crofton has you covered. The classic stylish design looks great on the table for serving. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Environmentally Friendly

Crofton cookware is PFOA free and environmentally responsible. It’s also lightweight so it requires less energy to heat. Take comfort in cooking green with Crofton. We offset the carbon footprint from manufacturing and delivery.

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Crofton Professional Enameled Cast Iron 4 Liter Dutch Oven

Crofton Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer

Crofton Insulated Wine Carafe

crofton cookware

Quality Kitchen Essentials Made Accessibly Since 2002

Crofton was founded in 2002 with a simple but ambitious goal: to provide restaurant-quality cookware and kitchen accessories at affordable prices. Headquartered in Germany and sold exclusively through discount retailers across Europe, Crofton has become renowned for its high-quality stainless steel pots and pans, bakeware, cutlery, and more.

By partnering directly with manufacturing facilities in Asia, Crofton is able to offer premium cookware made from durable, food-grade stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum at costs far below other luxury brands. Their extensive quality control checks ensure that each product meets exacting standards before being delivered to customers. Crofton also stands behind all of its cookware, bakeware, and accessories with a 20-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Today, millions of home cooks trust Crofton’s growing collection of thoughtfully designed products to equip their kitchens. While staying true to the goal of making reliable, long-lasting cookware accessible to all cooking enthusiasts, Crofton continues to expand its catalog with new releases every season. From nonstick frying pans to double-rivveted knives to color-coordinated kitchen tool sets, Crofton is dedicated to complementing all cooking abilities and styles with professional-level performance at irresistible prices.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Over 8 years ago, I purchased this company’s special coated cast iron pan. It has been a marvelous addition to my kitchen and cooking ever since. Unlike traditional cast iron, it arrived ready to use, with no seasoning required.

I’ve used it countless times on the stovetop, in the oven, and even on the grill – it has worked wonderfully everywhere. The pan has maintained its quality and performance over all those years of regular use. I can’t imagine parting with it, even if I downsize to a tiny home one day. This is a pan built to deliver delicious results for a lifetime. I’m so glad I invested in it.

Nancy C. Gold

As an owner of several well-loved vintage cast iron skillets, I appreciate a smoothly seasoned pan that delivers consistent, non-stick results. Though not a die-hard cast iron collector, I purchased this modern skillet to keep at my girlfriend’s after finding her cookware lacking.

After an initial round of seasoning, the Crofton pan performed admirably. It heats evenly and sears scallops perfectly with its durable finish. The skillet is lighter than vintage pieces, likely due to its thinner profile and hollow steel handle, but still substantial enough for excellent heat retention.

Jeff Brown

I am thrilled with these creatively designed pans. The unique brushed interior finish initially gave me pause, but it performs beautifully when properly seasoned and heated before cooking.

Keeping the seasoning maintained, oiling before each use, and allowing the pan to fully preheat are key to success. When cared for properly, the textured surface provides expansive cooking real estate for even heating and easy food release – I can even flip eggs effortlessly!

Margaret Sutherland

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